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How do you repair bad credit?

Is credit repair legal?

Can I restore my own credit?

How long does credit repair take?

What if deleted items reappear on my credit report?

Do I need to pay my bills?

Does paying my bills restore my bad credit?

Does paying off past-due accounts neutralize their negative status?

Do you guarantee your credit repair services?

How will I know it is working?

What do I need to do with my updated credit reports?

Does bankruptcy wipe the slate clean on my credit reports?

Does the CCCS help consumers restore credit?

What is the Fair Credit Reporting Act (FCRA)?

Can I restore my own credit?

Yes. You have the legal right to work out your credit disputes with the credit agencies and credit grantors yourself.

If you should do your own disputes or hire a credit repair company to do them for you, really depends on you and the amount of time you're willing to allocate toward repairing your credit. You should consider the amount of time and follow-up required to coordinate disputes with all three credit reporting agencies and the creditors appearing on your credit report.

Getting results can often be difficult, complex, and infuriating. Restoring your own credit is like repairing your own transmission or representing yourself in court; you can certainly do it (and you have the right), but you must decide if you are willing to take the time and endure the possible frustration of doing it yourself.

With that said, we encourage consumers to dispute their own credit if they have the time and knowledge to do so.


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